The  Beginning

In 1964 millions of American teenagers and there stunned parents tuned into the Ed Sullivan Show to watch the Beatles. That was the start of the so called British invasion.

Teenage boys all wanted to play the guitar or drums and be just like those bands. And a group of friends from the west side of South Bend were no different. Faded memories make if difficult to remember just how the idea came up for them to form a band. But it only makes sense that their friendship was the catalyst for it. It is equally hard to remember why some chose the guitar, the drums, piano or trumpet. But the nucleus of John Wibbens (bass guitar), Denny Slater (drums), Tim Wroblewski (organ), Robby Nyikos (vocals) and Jim Paulson (guitar) formed around late 1965 or early 1966 and played their first public performance as the Missing Links for their 7th and 8th grade class.

The band name was soon changed to the Psychotic Conspiracy as Rock and Roll was entering the psychedelic era. But while playing for a girl’s 16th birthday party her boyfriend Chuck VanDeVeire asked if they were interested in a manager and they agreed. He quickly made them change their name pleading that adults would not hire them with that wild name. They decided on the non-offensive name of The New Trend and that name remained until the band broke up in 1971. As they neared high school Mark Sevy joined up as a guitarist and vocalist only to become the lead singer and front man when Robby’s family moved to Indianapolis. Once in high school the band recruited a female trumpet player named Deb Meyers but her father could not get used to her arriving home at late hours from gigs and made her quit. That’s when Rick Koelndorfer became the group’s trumpet player.  The group went on to be a very successful local group winning several “battle of the bands” and rocking the night away for teenagers and many young couples at their wedding reception.

Of course many years have passed and the members lives all went in different  directions but the group reunited in the summer of 2004 to play a few songs as a lark for their manager who was getting married and bug struck again. At first everyone was a bit hesitant but after several SeSSions the juices of playing rock and roll and hanging with old friends was back in their blood. The original group  minus Tim, picked up several new additions: Jessica Smith (vocals), and Augie Freda (lead guitar). Today the group, known as the 3rd SeSSion, plays classic rock songs, many with Rick’s trumpet, and the blues.

As in the old days the band was  a party band and they still are today. They love to get people up dancing or just clapping and singing along. So if you get the chance come join them when  they are gigging and have a ball.

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