We had a great time Saturday night.  You guys ROCK!!!!  Thanks for the “today is your birthday” song twice.    Thanks for making our birthdays special.  ;-)

April. 2009

Enjoyed another night of great music and crowd interaction at the Midway!  You guys just keep getting better!  I love seeing so many friends and dancing my feet off!  SO MUCH FUN!   I find I can’t wait till the next gig.  Keep doing what you do best!!!!

April, 2009

Saw you at the Midway Tavern on Saturday and had a great time.  Great selection of music, strong sound and you really made it fun with the crowd interaction.  I particularly was impressed with your ability to highlight the individual talents of the band members.  We’ll watch for future gigs, and look forward to seeing you again!

Fortunately for the rest of the crowd, I was a couple beers away from taking Mark up on the offer to assist with vocals.

Thanks for a great evening.

Mike and the Partridge Woods Crowd
April, 2009

Great seeing you Saturday. You guys did a DAMN good job!  Good crowd interaction, good sound balance.  I hope you actually netted a few bucks. You did a real professional job and made evryone feel good. My wife Gail even had a great time.  Keep it up!

October, 2007

Wanted to let you guys know how much my friend and I enjoyed your music at The Phoenix. The thing that set you apart from other bands we have seen is the variety of songs you play and the different genres of music.  Very nice difference.  Your lead singer is awesome, she can really belt it out!  Keep up the great work!

July, 2007

"I really enjoyed seeing all of you and hearing you play. It was fantastic! I danced and had so much fun, just like back in the old days. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!"

July, 2006

You guys rock! I had the best time at the class reunion. It's true what they say that things improve with age because you guys are better than ever!!

July, 2006

3rd SeSSion ROCKS!! We wish that you played more often around here... we can't WAIT to see you live again.

Annie, Michelle and Cindy
July, 2006

The band is great! I loved it--made me want to DANCE! The music brought back a lot of memories from good times in the past.

October, 2005





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